For Pay Monthly Websites

1. Provision

  1. Provision is on a rolling 'pay monthly' basis. Unless specified at the commencement of the website build, there shall be no upfront fee payable. Pay Monthly websites are not subject to a contract or minimum provision term unless specified at the commencement of the website build.
  2. Visuals will be provided as the first phase of the website build from the guidance that you have provided. Up to three sets of amendments can be made to the visual
  3. Monthly Provision commences on the day of build completion, when you first receive a built website to the specification of the Visual.
  4. The Website, Visual and all coding and design if provided by us) shall remain the property of Vibe Websites, unless provided or purchased by you. Other than access provided for editing content, the website code, scripts and stylesheets may only be edited by Vibe Websites.
  5. Requests for us to amend the content of the built website, beyond the 2 support hours per month are charged at £30+VAT for each hour.

2. Payment

The first payment (on commencement of the Website build) is made by Debit / Credit Card. Regular monthly payments thereafter are made by Direct Debit (GoCardless) each month on the same day as the initial payment.

3. Cancellations

  1. Cancellation of provision can be accepted immediately upon written notification, providing the account is in good financial standing. Account arrears must be cleared before cancellation is accepted.
  2. In the event of a failed payment or cancellation of Direct Debit, the Website (or Development Website and Visual) will be deactivated with immediate effect. Reactivation will be subject to payment by Debit or Credit Card to cover the failed payment, and reactivation of the Direct Debit if applicable.
  3. Should Vibe Websites cease to trade or be unable to continue providing the website within these terms and conditions, the website will become your property in its entirety.
  4. We reserve the right to deactivate provision at any time if there is reason to believe that a site has been hacked, is being used for an illegal purpose or one which is harmful to Vibe Websites as an ethical trading entity, or there is significant reason to believe that payment is not expected to be made for the current month's provision.

4. Buying Outright

Pay Monthly websites are available for outright purchase by you at a value agreed at the commencement of the website build. The website will remain available for outright purchase throughout its provision. Full details of our Buy Outright policy with indicative values can be viewed at

5. Extent of Provision

We will provide all proposed design elements for the website, its platform and all elements necessary for the website to function as specified. Unless specifically agreed, our provision does not cover website content, branding, marketing, promotional materials, social media or search engine liability. We are not responsible for the legality or accuracy of website content, unless specifically provided by Us. We are not responsible for your website's commercial success, and our commitment extends to providing the website platform to you, to a professional standard.

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