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What if I don't like my Website Visual?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015, Written by  Chris Hood

You've requested a visual, given guidance, and a Vibe developer has poured their heart and soul into producing a Visual for free...
And you don't like it. It's just not for you.

These things happen!

Let's face it, everyone is different. At Vibe, we're here to make your website perfect for you. We are committed to that, and if it means going right back to the drawing board with some guidance on what you'd prefer, that's absolutely fine.

We put a lot of pride into our visuals, don't charge for them, and we don't mind them being turned down. But our poor minions do suffer sleepless nights if they don't get a second chance to impress you.

don't like website visual

Let's take another look

If we produce something we think is right, but to you it just doesn't feel right, don't be afraid to ask for a different one. We want you to be a Vibe customer, and we want you to love your site.

First, let's just check that you are seeing the visual correctly. Our Visuals look best on laptop or desktop screens at 100% zoom - hold CTRL and press 0 (zero) to make sure it's at 100%. If you're viewing on a phone or tablet, the visual may be zoomed out and displaying in desktop mode (our visuals are images, so can't be made responsive), so you may have to zoom in to view it correctly.

Once we've confirmed you're seeing the visual as it was meant to be viewed, let's take a look at the individual elements that make up your design.

The Colour Scheme

Different colours drastically change the way a website feels. For example, dark reds give a classy & serious feel, while blues are kinder and more passive. Very light (pastel) colours are modern and contemporary, while vibrant colours, such as the ones used on this site, convey energy and encouragement.

website colour schemes

The Logo

A website's logo is like a person's face. Everything revolves around it and it has a huge impact on your impression of the site. Remove the logo in your mind and imagine a perfect one there; often people are surprised by how huge a difference a new logo can make. If we've designed it, we'll change it for you.

If we haven't designed your logo, why not let us have a go at designing a new one for you? Logo styling has changed massively in the last 20 years, and it may be time to refresh what you have. Our text-based (simpler) logos are free, and we can produce high resolution custom logos with graphics for £90+VAT.

website logos

The use of Shapes and Lines

We use shapes very carefully to create your website's feel. Sharp, square shapes and block colours create the most modern and contemporary designs, while colour gradients and shadows create more classic website environments, and curves create much more unique and bold sites. If you'd prefer your website to lean either way, let us know - we'll probably need to take a different philosophy, so let us re-think it and the result may surprise you.

website shapes

The Imagery

Like the logo, imagery can make a dramatic impact on a design's feel. Often when designing a first visual, we don't have access to your best imagery. We may be using stock images, or use images from your current site that aren't quite high-res enough to produce designs for today's huge monitors (1920px widths on 24" screens are very common). If you have bigger, more vibrant images than ones we've chosen, please send them over and let us use them to make your design as good as it can be.

website imagery

The Font

If a logo is like a website's face, the font/typeface is like its complexion. Imagine your visual with your perfect font, and often it can change your perception of the entire design.

We choose fonts based on the feel we initially envisage, and it may be worth considering whether you would like a font change.

website fonts
  • Standard sans-serif fonts ("without serif", IE without the tails which give the classic "Times New Roman" appearance), derived from the old faithful Arial/Helvetica, are generally used for for serious, informative sites, with "light" versions being used to create more lightweight feeling & funky sites. Examples are Open Sans, Lato and Roboto (Roboto Light is the paragraph font on this website).
  • Condensed sans-serif fonts create more aggressive sites which encourage the visitor to read faster and raise their heart rate. Often we'll combine condensed titles with standard paragraph fonts to make the titles stand out. Examples are Roboto Condensed and Open Sans Condensed (which is the title font used on this site).
  • Serif fonts such as Quattrocento, PT Serif and Oranienbaum are very fashionable at the moment, and are often used to create intellectual, sophisticated websites. Gone are the days where everyone avoids "Times New Roman" syndrome - these new fonts look good, read well and can produce very contemporary sites.
  • Rounded fonts are just coming back into use, after a decade of recovery from the shadow of Comic Sans MS. They create sites which are happier, welcoming and youthful. Examples are Helvetica Rounded, BP Replay and Cabin (a hybrid sans-serif and semi-rounded font).

Any other feedback

If there are any other changes you want, please let us know. We ask that you please give us some guidance, whether it be specific changes, or maybe a link to a website you feel demonstrates what you'd prefer (and why you like it). We will do everything we can to design you the perfect website, even if we have to do it a couple of times.

Please email your thoughts to info@vibewebsites.co.uk, and thank you from the minions at Vibe!

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