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Search Engine Optimisation

Our websites perform brilliantly, and we are so proud of that.

Performing well in Search Engines is one of the most important things a website can do. And remember - we provide websites without any contract, so they have to perform well. But how do we do it? Why does a Vibe website grow in the rankings over time, and with good content, end up near or at the top of the Search Engines?

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Search Engine Optimisation

Unbeatable SEO from £15.00/month*


Vibe Search Engine Optimisation is fast, effective, and guaranteed by our no-contract philosophy. As highly experienced web developers and business specialists, we approach every website like our own - with care, ambition and knowledge. With our history of building businesses through web presence alone, we have access to knowledge and real-world experience that most media-focused SEO companies just don't have.


Our basic SEO package is £15.00/month and covers all bases:

  • Ensuring website code quality
  • Building quality content
  • Social Media Activity
  • Building web presence (including legitimate directories)
  • Ensuring website activity

And remember, Vibe SEO is undertaken entirely in the UK with a firm understanding of modern SEO effectiveness. Forget cheap overseas labour plastering your links all over blacklisted directories - Vibe SEO is smart, targeted and premium.


The most effective, affordable SEO available

It starts with an understanding of Search Engines

As guardians of the internet, Google's mission is to make the web as good as it can be by rewarding genuine, useful websites. Think about Wikipedia - the website that is always at the top for any given topic. Not because of a fancy website, relentless Tweets or a plastering of adverts, but because it's a very useful, high quality website.

Firmly gone are the days when links and tricks determined your ranking - Google isn't fooled any more, and in 2014 the most useful websites always win. There are two choices - to try to cheat Google, or respect it. As professional web developers, Vibe respect Google and its mission, and our websites always win.


No contract - the results will keep you a customer

As with all Vibe services, we don't tie you into a contract for our SEO. Just like our websites, we are so confident in its effectiveness that the results are all we need to keep you as a customer.

You don't need to be a Vibe website customer for us to help you. Once you are a Vibe SEO Customer, you become our guest, and a VIP on the internet. Please pass on our apologies to your competitors as your website pushes past theirs in Google's rankings - our guests don't have to wait in line.


What is a high quality website?

Think about what makes a website good quality for you. When you visit a website, you want the information you are looking for presented to you quickly, in a clear, accurate way. It must be relevant and recent, and must serve its promised purpose without challenging you in any way. If it looks lovely and presents the internet in a positive light, all the better.

Google's search systems are now just as good at humans at identifying the quality of a website. If it's recent, Google knows. If it's pretty, Google knows. If your website is more useful than your competitors, Google knows. Once a website is high quality and every single modern box is ticked, we then break out the artist's brush and really polish it.

*£15 a month is a discounted price for Vibe Website customers, prices start from £20 for all other customers

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