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Vibe in Focus: Darrant Chemicals

Saturday, 03 October 2015, Written by  Chris Hood

In this regular blog we'll be putting the spotlight on Vibe sites which are leading the way in their industry, and providing site operators with a shining example of how a website should be used.

This edition will feature Vibe's most profitable website to date: Darrant Chemicals.

A no-nonsense online shop that takes a huge chunk out of the mail order chemical market

Darrant Chemicals was launched in the summer of 2015 with an immediate, ambitious, realistic strategy: To sell large quantities of commercial chemicals throughout the UK through strong online marketing.

For us as web developers, this was a relatively straight-forward build. It lives as proof that all too often, complexity and gimmicks aren't necessary to create a highly profitable online shop. We're often asked to build in a vast amount of custom facilities into online shops, and we now point to Darrant Chemicals as an illustration that in nearly all occasions, a customer just wants a product they know at the right price, fast.


Darrant Chemicals' success was immediate, and it continues to grow day by day. The site was launched with an aggressive Google Adwords campaign, which saw the site surge to the first page of Google for a vast number of searches, fortified by its solid content and Vibe build quality. Vibe designed ant built the site quickly and the owner populated it quickly, making it one of the quickest Ecommerce build-cycles (initial design through to go-live) we have seen.

The design of the site is clean and informative; exactly what it should be. Not a breath of code is wasted on superfluous effects or features; there is no sliding carousel, no twitter feed, no online chat system and no blog. Even the product images are simple and informative - this is purely a site where people go to spend money on chemicals. And at its heart, shouldn't every Ecommerce website be a money-spending destination at its core?

On the technical side, the site is built onto Opencart 2, hosted with Vibe and supported with a Vibe SEO programme. It is very much a standard Vibe Ecommerce website, with one very switched on site operator.

We can't give away too much of Darrant's strategy, but suffice to say it's nothing magic or novel. And we can't give away its revenue levels - just know that this site handles daily orders like our SEO chief Scott handles hobnobs.

This website's success is down to drive, hard work, a sensible investment in marketing and our SEO, and a fantastic appreciation for what's necessary versus what dilutes a website's purpose. As we often say, a Vibe site can be as visually impressive as any site out there, but if it's success you are after, stick to what sells and drive it home - and that's what Vibe sites do best.

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