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Buy your Vibe Website Outright

Vibe websites are available to buy at absolutely any time, no questions asked. We provide websites on a monthly basis to make them as affordable as possible, but if you prefer to pay upfront for a site that's all yours, we are happy to help.

Vibe websites depreciate in value every month, so they cost less to buy the longer we provide them to you. See below for full details on how to buy a Vibe site outright.

Buy your Vibe Website Outright

Buying your Website

The purchase price of a Vibe site depends on its type, and how long we've been providing it for you. Every Vibe site has a starting value, typically as follows:

Professional / £30pm: £800

CMS Expert / £45pm: £1,200

Ecommerce / £60pm: £2,400

*All prices plus VAT at 20%

These can sometimes be a little different, depending on your website's special features, but we'll always tell you if that's the case.

£15pm Depreciation

The above are site values at launch, IE at the start of your first month with us. From there, just like a car, your site's purchase price depreciates by £15 per month.

So after 6 months the purchase price will have dropped by £90 - so a Professional site, for example, would cost £710 after 6 months, £530 after 18 months and £260 after 36 months.

After 36 months, your site stops depreciating. This is the point where we redesign your site (if you want), to keep it modern and fresh. Once the redesigned site launches, the value goes back up to the original price (unless you upgrade or change your plan), and the depreciation starts again.

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