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Making Amendments to your Website


Vibe websites are provided for as low a monthly charge as we can, so we always need to make sure we stay quick and efficient at dealing with requests. This primarily means sticking to a fair policy when it comes to how much time we spend on each site.

Over the past year we’ve introduced a scheduling and tracking system (by submitting amendments and support requests by email to amendments@vibewebsites.co.uk) which has been of great assistance to us. 100% of our amendments and support requests now go through it.

Our amendments policy as follows:

  1. Amendment and support requests will only be actioned if they are received by email to amendments@vibewebsites.co.uk. If you call us to make an amendment, we’ll request that you then put it in an email to amendments@vibewebsites.co.uk, as our Developers need to work to written instruction directly from you. Requests received by any other email address will not be actioned.
  2. Most Vibe Websites provide everything you need to amend its content yourself. We charge for work involving design, or to make content amendments which are within your control (unless you are on our enhanced support & amendments package**). If your request involves the above, we'll be in touch before commencing to confirm the cost involved. This will be based on £10+VAT for amendments taking up to 1 hour*, and £25+VAT for each hour thereafter.
  3. Amendments and support requests arising due to an error by Vibe or our hosts will not be charged for.
  4. We will always endeavour to action amendments marked “Urgent” the same day if received before 11am, and will be charged double time (as we are unable to schedule them in an efficient manner, and a Developer will need to be pulled from another project to action it). The exception to this is if the amendment arises due to an error by a Vibe Developer (please see 3. above).
  5. We can now only take amendment requests from one nominated individual at your organization, to ensure continuity of your website and prevent conflicting amendment requests. We will automatically assume this to be the person we have on file for your organization. If you would like to nominate someone else, please let us know.


*All amendments (no matter how small) require a developer to read your request, visit your site, explore its file structure, make the edits required, then check it on every common screen size. We therefore charge our 1 hour rate for any amendment requested, unless it exceeds 1 hour.

** Our enhanced support package gives an extra hour of amendments per month, and enables a targetted 24 hour (working day) turnaround on your requests. This is available at £18+VAT per month (minimum 3 months) – please contact info@vibewebsites.co.uk to enquire.

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